More about being an Advisor

More about being an Advisor

The powerhouse of our community!
If you’re interested in this part of the website, chances are, you’re an ultra busy someone. But you also recognize the value of being a part of a diverse community ... and you’re also one of those people who likes to give back ^_^
We’ve made this role for you.
So what does an Advisor actually do?
  • They tell us what kinds of groups / people they’re interested in advising.
  • When a potential lead like that reaches out, after checking in, we make an introduction.
  • If there’s chemistry, the lead & advisor kick things off.
  • We expect ~ 3hrs of support from an Advisor (through insight, discussion & introductions) to help kick off a community group.
  • Then during the first 6 weeks of the group, Advisors support leads through weekly 30m meets & remote support as needed.
  • Attending weekly group meetings & staying on after the first 6 weeks is optional, though many many choose to do so.
Some Advisor Privileges:
  • Given access (and introductions as needed) to any other Aggregate Intellect advisors.
  • Periodic Advisor only event invites.
If this sounds interesting, fill you this form to apply. We’ll get back to you within 7 business days.
More details about our community processes.
Have any questions not already answered here? Email our community manager, Ammar Khan, at or ping him directly on Slack here.
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