Different Community Roles

Different Community Roles

A place for everyone 👥

  • Be a Spectator - The easiest role. Just join a community group & when you feel lost - politely ask the lead what you need to look at to get up to speed!
  • Join a Core Team - Once you feel you’re at a level to contribute, show some energy 🔥! Leads will recognize & invite you in to the Core Group working toward’s the group’s problem statement. Feel free to drop them a personal message to express interest.
  • Become a Lead - This is a prestigious position! You get to the set the direction of a group. Accelerate your learning / refine a startup MVP / build an enviable network. This role is for mid-senior professionals or those with prior experience in a successful Core Team.
  • Become an Advisor - The backbone of our community. This is a role for senior professionals or our most experienced leads. You’ll get to support some bright & high energy leads, amplify the impact of your limited time, and get access to our robust advisor network!
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