More details

More details

Community Leads kick off a Project

Any big community initiative usually starts with just 1 or 2 people. We call these people community leads. They reach out to us with something concrete they’d like to do or learn & we help them kick things off!

We introduce an Advisor to help Structure

Once we accept someone’s application as a community lead, we throw the full weight of our well iterated community support systems behind them. And one of the most meaningful of these support systems is our Advisor program.

Leads & Advisors scope out

Before a ‘Working Group’ (WG) begins, leads & advisors take some time to scope things out. Once things are clearer, we push their focus to our community & we tend to attract some very interesting people as a result. A new Working Group (WG) has begun!

Work begins with Recap Weeks

In the first few weeks of a WG, there is a quick recap period of the major pre-requisites someone needs to make progress towards the group’s focus. Great chance to fill in your gaps & learn things super fast!

A Core Team is distilled out

At the end of the Recap weeks, the group lead invites the most active members of the group to join a Core Team. These members will be featured on the WG’s landing page & will be the key contributors going forward.

Explosive progress period begins

The Core Team begins focused work for a 4-8 week period. Anyone who couldn’t make the Core Team is more than welcome to stay as a spectator to grow then eventually join in when they’re ready.

Keep track for Community Contributions

Across the period of the project, WGs are expected to keep track of & share the resources they’re using to solve the problems that come up. We call these Recipes. These will be made available for the benefit of the wider community. (We have a tool to help with that.)

Conclude & get Spotlighted

Once the initial goal of the WG is achieved, the Core Team may choose to work on a second iteration. They may also choose to move on to other projects. Or, they can always turn their work into a startup. We’d be happy to support with that!
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