More about being a Lead

More about being a Lead

Any big community initiative starts with just 1 or 2 people. We call these people, leads!
They may want to build out something (eg Send in a submission for the Tang challenge, a startup MVP, an AI for social good project). Or they may want to learn something (eg The latest techniques in Dense document extraction).
They recognize the power of doing it with a group of peers & reach out to us to express interest in founding a ‘Working Group’ (WG). Fill out this form if that sounds like you. We respond to all submissions within 7 working days.
Our minimal recommended group length is 8 weeks (exceptions may be made), though many leads tend to host groups for much longer. The weekly time commitment depends on the lead. Some put in as little as 4hr / week and others as much as 20hrs / week. We have no recommended number, it’s just that what you put in is what you get out.
Our community leads are the heart of our community. We go to great lengths to open doors for them. And our main criteria for a lead, above all else, is the energy they bring to the table.
You can find our more about our community processes here.
Have any questions not already answered here? Email our community manager, Ammar Khan, at or ping him directly on Slack here.
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