Tapping into our Community

Tapping into our Community

The best way to benefit from our community, is to start a community group!

Why should I? 🤔

You might be working on a technical project alone, or with 1/2 colleagues.
Covert that little effort to a community group, and you’ll get:
  • Added expertise
  • Extra accountability
and, you open yourself up for increased spotlighting & serendipity opportunities. Our community groups have led to startups, impacting public policy, better career opportunities & more!
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… past successes.

What’s the time commitment? ⏱️


How will it look like? 🌎


Who can start a group? 🤺


Is this paid? 💰


I’m sold! How do I start? 🔥

… book a time with the community architect.
Success stories.
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