AI & Product Advisory Services

AI & Product Advisory Services

The goal of this working group is to assist AI business leaders and entrepreneurs in the AISC community in bringing their AI Products to market.

The end result? We help you de-risk your AI Product Opportunity.


How do we help you “De-Risk your Product Opportunity”?

Our group has developed and honed an end-to-end AI Product Development framework which we use to diagnose and tune your Product Development efforts.
—> We help you avoid the pitfalls of applying a “non-strategic” AI Product Development approach.


Elements of our AI Product Development framework include:

  • Framing your Product Opportunity —> who is the customer? —> what is the problem that you’re going to solve for them? —> how does your AI product create value for your end-user / customer?
  • Assessing your AI Product’s Desirability
    • —> What does your end-user / customer want? —> How can you determine your AI Product’s market fit?
  • Assessing your AI Product’s Viability
    • —> What is the value of your AI system’s predictions? —> What is the cost of development? —> When does your customer’s investment break even?
  • Assessing your AI Product’s Feasibility —> What are the key elements of your AI Product’s solution? —> What are the considerations for getting the data you need? —> What are some starting points for development (ie. feature engineering)
  • Assessing your AI Product’s Design
    • —> What are the best practices you should consider when designing a human-centric AI system? —> How will your AI Product be designed to take human factors such as Errors / Explainability / Feedback / Onboarding, etc. into account?

Our Team of Advisors and AI Product Development Experts

Ashley Beattie

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Lead AI & Product Advisory

Jared Allen

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AI Business Strategist

Tony Lee

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AI Product Design Specialist

Peter Shih

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AI & Product Management Specialist

Nigel Newton

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AI & Product Marketing Advisor

Interested in having a conversation about your AI Product / idea? And potentially working with us?

We only work with 1-2 groups at a time, and will meet up with groups to discuss progress every second Thursday.
This engagement does NOT require you to have a fully-formed idea, product or service in production. You just need to be ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and get started.
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